I’m a passionate photographer. In the last years I could work with stunning models like Nadine Jessen and Gitte Schmitz.

Heroes on Duty

installation including photographies and video / director, art director, editor / 2015 Collage of different material, in part filmed during production “Heroes on Duty” 2015 at 68 Projects Berlin. Series […]

Katharina Grosse

portrait for Vogue Germany, 2018 part of the “The Art of Museums”, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion,

Queer Souls

series of photographies / 2014 and ongoing

Street Style / Jinksieminks by Mr. Jinks

fashion photography / photographer / 2018


fashion photography / photographer / 2019 A fun shoot for the lebanese Perverslabel by Lobnan Mahfouz. Thank you!

self portraits

series of self portraits / 2014 and ongoing Selfportraits are a way of expressing my different emotional states. They are variant, they differ from vanilla softness to rough, exigeant and […]